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Such is our brand's creed.

But don't get it wrong, even if it's true that "Q8" brings to mind a good drinking bout with friends, that's not all it's about!  Qhuit™ is above all a pretext for mixing: Fashion, Music, Street Culture and Sausage.

Created in 2002 by Rhum*G & Mook, the brand started with a few limited edition T-Shirts for alternative, alcoholic tastes.  With the help of a few friends, the brand little by little found an audience in a not very commendable crowd, hence it sent a serious buzz through the hype-streetwear scene of the capital.

In 2004 Qhuit™ produced its own record, the "QHUIT™ GRAN BANG" featuring all the close friends of the crew (Svinkels, Triptik, T.T.C., D.S.L., Mr Flash, DJ Pone, Drixxxe, A.M.S., L'Animalexxx…), a UFO then took the troop on a tour where crowds came to listen to and drink to the event. Since then, Qhuit™ has organized parties and skate demos all over France.

While they were at it, in 2005 they launched their first collection: "Home Mad" offering a line of colorful geometrically imperfect tees and hoodies. Qhuit™ has built its own world in which graphics mix visual metaphores, dubious "fran-glais" puns, references to illustrious alcoholics, enticing slogans and absurd images.

From one season to the next, the brand expands its collections by offering: T-shirts, polos, shirts, hoodies, zip-ups, denims, jackets and accessories distributed in over 100 shops in Europe. The brand also plays on gender mixing since items may be worn by men as well as women. Qhuit™ is becoming, according WAD Magazine, one of the pillars of French streetwear.